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The Truth Shall Set You Free. NSFC (Not Safe For Catholics)

Sorry Catholics. This one just came to me and I had to let it out. So, I’m not Catholic myself (I’m Episcopalian, we like to say it’s all the flavor of the Catholic Church, but with half the guilt, and … Continue reading

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Comings of age

To quote the words of a dead Irish poof to whom I’ve oft been compared… No, not that one. Not that one either. I did say dead, didn’t I? C’mon people, pay attention! Ah yes, there we go, that’s the stuff. Anywho, … Continue reading

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My Gay Manifesto

As much as I think about what we’re in a struggle for, I wonder if anybody has really put it down into nice little bullet points for popular consumption (at risk of sounding Tea Partyish, the framers of the Constitution … Continue reading

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