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Chivalry is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish

I was sitting through  marathon brunch today with some folks and a friend of mine related a story about his arrival in Dallas that morning. Apparently some women were late for the parking shuttle and flagged it down. Upon boarding … Continue reading

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Paula Deen, Gladiator?

I’ve long held that our national past time isn’t really baseball; it’s righteous indignation. That’s right, we love to take offense. We’re a nation of individuals, rooted in the ideals of the 18th Century Enlightenment where the notion of the … Continue reading

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Brevity is the soul of wit

Short post tonight. Too short for the New Yorker, and slightly too long for Twitter. My current mindless mag read is Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue (which reads like every issue of Out, except it’s Hollywood, so nobody’s actually admitting they’re … Continue reading

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Comings of age

To quote the words of a dead Irish poof to whom I’ve oft been compared… No, not that one. Not that one either. I did say dead, didn’t I? C’mon people, pay attention! Ah yes, there we go, that’s the stuff. Anywho, … Continue reading

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On Offices and television

I participated in a dying art today: I had a watercooler conversation about something I’d seen on TV the night before. Although neither Steev, nor the Keegs, nor Madame G (via e-mail and Twitter) had managed to catch the actual … Continue reading

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Gratuitous list of people I would marry (in no particular order)

Sometimes ya just gotta be lazy and make annotated lists. Here’s a list of the folks I would marry, for various reasons, sham or with actual sex, in no particular order: Ben Rappaport from “Outsourced” Aside from that handsome face, … Continue reading

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My guide to the 50 states

I’ve always wanted to sit down and tell each glorious state in the union exactly what I think of them. Here’s the first 25 while I wait for Lindsay Lohan to get out on bail: 1. Alabama: When I think … Continue reading

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