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Hawaii Five-0: The Case of the Dancing Danno

Danno sure is doing some softshoeing lately. First of all, what a tool. “Rachel, I still love you, but since you either didn’t get or ignored my voicemail in which I proclaimed my undying love for another man’s wife, it’s … Continue reading

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It’s here: the unofficial Hawaii Five-0 drinking game

Like  many other things, Hawai’i Five-0 is an undertaking best enjoyed under the influence of intoxicating spirits. And what better way to enjoy the weekly revels of McDanno & Co than to have a good old-fashioned TV Drinking Game? See … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolution

A friend of mine today said that his New Year’s Resolution would be to get a dog. After roundly trouncing his decision on Facebook, I thought to myself a resolution is merely a conviction – it’s a promise to yourself. It … Continue reading

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More Hawai’i Five-0 Bromance

There’s a word for it? There’s a word for it. McGarrett and Danno have their own portmanteau, like Brangelina, or Britana. Behold: McDanno. That’s kinda hot. Sounds like a sandwich. The 2010’s version of creepy listserv fan fiction is the … Continue reading

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