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You call that progress, Pilgrim?

I was on a flight arriving… somewhere… the other day, and the flight attendant wished everyone Happy Holidays during her arrival announcement. And some twangy voice from behind me shouted out, “It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS!”. Awwwwkward turtle. The other passengers on … Continue reading

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The things you want most in life invariably cost too much

How well said. And that’s not anybody famous – that’s me. Well, I’m internet famous. Thanks for the vote of confidence Andy Warhol. So we’re having a white elephant ornament exchange for Christmas this year. Catherine needed clarification one day … Continue reading

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If it’s Black Friday, why can’t we shoot them?

Ok, so my title’s offensive. But you have to resort to shock to get the Google crawler interested these days. Unless you mention Lindsey Lohan’s rehab, Perez Hilton’s increasingly self-serving musings, Kim Kardashian’s whatever-she’s-famous-for, or say something relatively incendiary, you’re … Continue reading

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