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Taco > Vagina. Here’s why.

OK, I have to admit I’m getting a little sick of all these taco joints that make a cutesy references to how their food product resembles vajheen. This is simply unacceptable. Once again it takes gay men to enlighten the … Continue reading

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Somebody in Capitol Hill is PISSED

So I’m in Seattle, and I had just bade farewell to my lovely friend Kelly when I saw this photo posted on two successive lampposts outside her Capitol Hill apartment: For the record, the sign actually says “poop” instead of … Continue reading

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My BFF is disgusting, but it’s kinda charming

So I get a text from my best friend last night, almost Hemingway-like in its simplicity: “I’m pooping.” I’m horrified. I text back: “Gross.  Who DOES that?” Let the record show I meant “pooping”, but he took it to mean … Continue reading

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