Comings of age

To quote the words of a dead Irish poof to whom I’ve oft been compared…

No, not that one.

Not that one either. I did say dead, didn’t I? C’mon people, pay attention!

Ah yes, there we go, that’s the stuff. Anywho, this famous dead Irish poof is quoted as having been said, “’twill be a grand life, a charming life.”

And I’ve been thinking recently, “Yes it will, won’t it? Quite.” You see, I think I’ve discovered this magical sort of third coming of age (or rather the producers of “Friends” discovered it and I’m finally that age). You see, the first of course is high school, which was all the rage in the ’80s. That’s when you sort of come to terms with leaving childhood behind.

The second is college. (More the rage in the ’90s) That’s when you get to do actual adult things like vote and gamble and drink (legally) but there’s still enough insulation from the real world that you can do things without thinking too much about the consequences, not to mention more than enough room for the toolish idealism that runs rampant on college campuses.

And along comes me, the late ’20s. The nose piercings come out, you start to regret the tattoos, and the baby seals take a backseat to scrounging up enough money to make sure you can pay the mortgage and still have enough left over for a date night or two at Pei Wei with a coupon. But more important than that is it gives you a chance to begin settling into the routine of adulthood (quit that shuddering, I’m a Taurus, I thrive on familiarity and routine – I still make trips to Vancouver to eat the same thing at a restaurant [it’s the “Multitude of Sins”] I got hooked on over a decade ago). You know, you start realizing which connections have in the past been situational, and which friendships are going to turn into lifetime affairs.  Your friends start to settle into their routines and become easier to manage, and you begin to start selectively forging new personal and professional relationships that will earmark the next several decades of your life. It’s an alternately exciting and horrifying time.

And if you haven’t figured out the exact things you like in food, vacation spots (although I’ve pretty much determined a yearly trip to Hawai’i will likely be in my future, I am Alaskan after all), housing, cars, career, or family, by now you’ve pretty much figured out the types of people and places your most well suited to, and hopefully look forward to a decade with much less time waste than did one’s 20s.

It’s time to stop thinking about life in terms of the “now” and start thinking in terms of the whole shabang, the whole “life”. There seems to be a big nostalgia boom among those my age. From Fraggle Rock to Hootie and the Blowfish, but I suppose it’s important to revisit things you liked when you were young, consider why you liked them, and figure out what they say about your personality and personal taste as you grow and change.

Yes indeed, I do think that it will be “a grand life, a charming life.”




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One Response to Comings of age

  1. Ron Weems says:

    I’m so glad that you are there! Welcome to the club.

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