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Some reasons I’m not following you on social media

We all have reasons for following accounts. Sometimes the accounts belong to personal friends, sometimes they’re products we like, sometimes they just plain entertain us. But in this age of self-branding, where everybody who wants to succeed at social media … Continue reading

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Ten reasons I probably hid you from my Facebook timeline

So I’m feeling snarky today. Yes, I realize half my FB friends have done this, and no I haven’t really hidden you all from my timeline, but I know I’m going to get comments. (Wait, I do that, and I’m … Continue reading

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Whoa, Palin girls, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

So I had a chance to read the facebook comment string profanity and homophobic slur-ridden rant by the Sisters Palin, and I couldn’t help but keep score: Bristol: Shit 3 / Baby Daddy 1 (which is far too many) / claims the … Continue reading

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