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1957 vs. 2014: The Truth

Sometimes I don’t feel bad when I don’t open e-mails from my Dad, but a lot of times it’s just a conservative forward. I don’t know what possessed me to open the e-mail tonight, but here’s what it said (I … Continue reading

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Memories of Working at Nordstrom

So I was just at Nordstrom buying something for a holiday gift exchange. And I’m always nice to the people working there, because I used to work there and it’s pure hell sometimes. And not just regular retail hell, where … Continue reading

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The appropriateness of cultural appropriation -or- “Effie, we all got pain.”

Much has been said and written and Facebook-commented regarding Sierra Mannie’s op-ed that expresses frustration with white gay men for “stealing black female culture”. There were mixed responses from many gay white men, ranging from confusion over the abstractness of her … Continue reading

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Away, gays! AWAY!

Once upon a time in a great country called Amurica, a federal judge in Kentucky ruled that the state could no longer refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state. Yay, right? Well it seems like us queers win … Continue reading

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Some reasons I’m not following you on social media

We all have reasons for following accounts. Sometimes the accounts belong to personal friends, sometimes they’re products we like, sometimes they just plain entertain us. But in this age of self-branding, where everybody who wants to succeed at social media … Continue reading

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Chivalry is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish

I was sitting through  marathon brunch today with some folks and a friend of mine related a story about his arrival in Dallas that morning. Apparently some women were late for the parking shuttle and flagged it down. Upon boarding … Continue reading

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Paula Deen, Gladiator?

I’ve long held that our national past time isn’t really baseball; it’s righteous indignation. That’s right, we love to take offense. We’re a nation of individuals, rooted in the ideals of the 18th Century Enlightenment where the notion of the … Continue reading

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