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Jetset is the new Black

People like people to be grounded. They want you to be *from* somewhere. I’m in Hale’iwa on the North Shore of O’ahu right now – in a state where origin is important. Here, you’re not kama’aina, or a local, unless … Continue reading

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Dollar Bill Morality

My coworkers are incredibly moral. Of course, one one typically thinks of sunken workplace morals, one normally considers things such as wiretapping, arson, stealing paperclips – you know, the little things everybody’s done. Nobody ever considers learned-it-in-kindergarten morals like “Don’t … Continue reading

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My BFF is disgusting, but it’s kinda charming

So I get a text from my best friend last night, almost Hemingway-like in its simplicity: “I’m pooping.” I’m horrified. I text back: “Gross.  Who DOES that?” Let the record show I meant “pooping”, but he took it to mean … Continue reading

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