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Jetset is the new Black

People like people to be grounded. They want you to be *from* somewhere. I’m in Hale’iwa on the North Shore of O’ahu right now – in a state where origin is important. Here, you’re not kama’aina, or a local, unless … Continue reading

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Showing my junk will save the world

I’m amused irritated with people like this fucktard who bitch and moan about the TSA backscatter technology that they say is tantamount to an unreasonable strip search. They claim their right to privacy is violated. Erm, I’m glad the author … Continue reading

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Blogging on the plane, mofos

I’ve decided inflight wifi is pretty much the shit. I’m flying Dallas-St Louis-Seattle today, and the route from St Louis to Seattle will roughly follow the Oregon Trail. Man, things have changed. What took months only a few generations ago … Continue reading

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