Showing my junk will save the world

I’m amused irritated with people like this fucktard who bitch and moan about the TSA backscatter technology that they say is tantamount to an unreasonable strip search. They claim their right to privacy is violated.

Erm, I’m glad the author of this piece of drek thinks her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology qualifies her to comment on the state of national security, but let me take a few moments from my airline employee life to challenge her letter, which includes such bogus claims as “US Airways, and all of the other airlines, has ceded control of passenger safety slowly over the last 40 years, and at an accelerated pace in the last decade.”

Actually, we haven’t ceded control of passenger safety. Many airline practices were later adopted by the federal government. Flight attendant jumpseats were invented by United. Airlines continue to train vast numbers of their employees to federal security standards, and are held accountable by the government to ensure their employees are following the rules. Airlines are also responsible for maintaining their fleets, training their flight crews in emergency procedures which include exercises on how to thwart would-be terrorists (assuming the full body scans keep them from getting on the plane with explosives in their underwear in the first place), and ensuring their reservation and airport check in software is in compliance with federal security directives. I wouldn’t say the airlines have ceded control – airlines remain on the front line, alongside the TSA you claim violates your privacy.

Need the underwear bomber have succeeded, leading to horrific newscasts reminiscent of 9/11, before people feel their civil liberties to fly safely in public transport are more important than their right not to submit to relatively benign backscatter technology in the airport? After 9/11, there was relatively little backlash. The images of the burning twin towers falling to earth were all the reminder anybody needed should they question why people without ID were no longer allowed through the security checkpoints, and why their knitting needles and nail clippers were confiscated during additional searches at departure gates. Apparently Madame Fucktard has a very short memory.

So, while the airlines are working under these federal security directives, Madame F again decides that her self-righteous indignance and refusal to go through a body scanner entitles her to carte blanche to change her reservation without penalty to avoid the scanner, and both the airline and the travel agency should foot the bill because she chose to spend additional money to depart from an airport without the technology.  She claims we live in a society where these rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. Of course, this is true. These rights are guaranteed when you’re sitting in the privacy of your own home, are driving your own vehicle (with limitations). It does NOT, however, entitle you to act like a self-righteous asshole when trying to exercise the privilege of boarding what may to you look like an airplane, but to any would-be terrorist looks like a ready made bomb just waiting blow up over densely populated areas, raining your self-righteous ass with your hair on fire and your clothes stripped from your body by the pressure of the wind as you fall seven miles to the earth, to be broadcast, naked, bloated, and mutilated, on CNN while the world wonders why such things happen. But hey, you protected your dignity by not going through the body scanner, right?

I have a feeling Madame F will also be among the chorus of outraged citizens the next time a terrorist succeeds. How could this happen? Why weren’t we more prepared? We must have a scapegoat! I’m saving your letter Madame F, because if the TSA backs down and something awful happens to one of my airplanes, coworkers, or passengers, I’m scapegoating you.


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