My Gay Manifesto

As much as I think about what we’re in a struggle for, I wonder if anybody has really put it down into nice little bullet points for popular consumption (at risk of sounding Tea Partyish, the framers of the Constitution were on to something there). So, alors, I present my Gay Manifesto: a short list of the rights I feel gay, bisexual, or trangender men and women deserve, but aren’t necessarily given.

1. We have the right to marry, in a religious or civil ceremony, in a manner and status held equal to heterosexuals.

2. The right to bear and raise children singly or with a same-sex spouse, and the right of a couple to maintain both partners’ legal guardianship over their children regardless of the gender of the couple, in a manner and status held equal to heterosexuals.

3. The right to dignity in preventative, ongoing, and terminal medical care, with patient visitation allowed to persons of our choice, regardless of blood relation.

4. Freedom from blame for causing, spreading, or facilitating any disease or infection.

5. The right to federal protection from discrimination in housing, employment, education, government, and healthcare.

6. The right to expression and transition of gender with dignity and recognition to a federal standard without judgment of mental disability or defect.

7. Freedom from, and criminalization of hate speech, intimidation, threats, and coercion directed toward minor children as the result of perceived or real sexual orientation or gender identity.

8. Freedom from interference by tax exempt religious organizations in electoral, judicial, and legislative due processes of law.

9. Freedom to serve in the armed forces without compromising freedom of open sexual orientation or gender identity.

10. The right to asylum for refugees from any nation in which the his or her sexual orientation or gender identity renders them subject to imprisonment, torture, persecution, or death.


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Travel & Dining Writer. Gin Drinker. Papaya Promoter. Karaoke-ista. Living Aloha. My own opinion and not that of my employer.
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One Response to My Gay Manifesto

  1. Ron Weems says:

    Well done and well said. Basic decency.

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