Drug Test Nonsense

There’s been all this to-do over drug testing welfare recipients on the internet lately, and I’m frankly dumbfounded at where all this vitriol suddenly came from. Yes, people will abuse entitlement programs. It’s the price we pay for having them. But the other thing that bothers me is the hypocrisy in the same vein that Pro-Lifers are more apt to also support capital punishment.

Those who prattle on about welfare drug testing are typically also those far right “no government interference” types, yet they don’t seem to understand that you can’t selectively decide to invade only the privacy of entitlement recipients that you have some irrational fear are spending “your” money on drugs and hookers. No, if you make it ok to drug test welfare recipients, you ironically usher in the socialist policies that you seem to think will be the end of civilized society.

Take Australia for example. There’s socialized medicine, so the law criminalizes activity that would strain the system. Not wearing a hat on the beach during certain times of year is a risk for skin cancer, so you can be fined for wanton disregard of the public’s money. If we want to make sure our tax
dollars only go to people whose moral choices we agree with, then we’re also opening the door for more government involvement. Will medicare recipients have to prove none of their preexisting conditions were their own fault? Will we deny health coverage to people who smoke?

Sure, drug testing welfare folks might sound like a great way to feel better about where “your” money goes in the short term, because of course, you have the right to impose your own morality on everyone who benefits from your government-necessitated charity, but just keep in mind what sort of “socialism” that outlook engenders.


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One Response to Drug Test Nonsense

  1. James says:

    Given how much the far right hates welfare but loves government interference when it comes to regulating the morality of others, this sort of thing really isn’t surprising. When Reagan ran for president one of the many tall tales he told was of welfare queens driving around in Cadillacs in Chicago- which was of course completely false. Similarly, the idea that most welfare recipients are drug addicts milking the system to feed their habit has also proven to be a fabrication. I’m sure the lawmakers who passed these sorts of regulations truly believed that they would save their constituents millions of dollars in false claims. Has reality changed their view or do they just rationalize it away?

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