More Hawai’i Five-0 Bromance

There’s a word for it? There’s a word for it. McGarrett and Danno have their own portmanteau, like Brangelina, or Britana.



That’s kinda hot. Sounds like a sandwich.

The 2010’s version of creepy listserv fan fiction is the You Tube fan videos. Although there’s really only a good ten seconds of overt gayness in each episode, that becomes a sizable byte by the end of the season. Although I’ve blogged about this before, it just doesn’t get old. Here are some more McDanno clips:

Some of these are honestly pretty shitty, but the point is I’m not the only one out here noticing the googly eyed looks these two are sharing – and why wouldn’t they? Look at them. They’re gorgeous.

This is what subtext is all about. Sometimes I’m convinced gay men invented reality television because of it. Take all the best parts out of context and splice them together to tell a much more interesting story.


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