Gratuitous list of people I would marry (in no particular order)

Sometimes ya just gotta be lazy and make annotated lists. Here’s a list of the folks I would marry, for various reasons, sham or with actual sex, in no particular order:

Ben Rappaport from “Outsourced”

Aside from that handsome face, here’s a guy who’s got that cuter-than-a-button looks that will get him far in Hollywood (or at least television). Also, he’s Jewish, and I’ve always kinda dug that stomping the glass thing.

Ben Rappaport Ben Rappaport arrives at TV Guide Magazine's "2010 Hot List" Party on November 8, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Adam Scott from “Parks and Recreation”

Oh the hotness. I would also appreciate being married to a man who I can’t tell is looking at me like I’m crazy, because that’s just how his face looks.

Alex O’Loughlin from Hawai’i Five-0

This is the real deal kids. I’ll take one of him to go. Living in Hawai’i wouldn’t hurt either. We’ll let Danno watch.

Aziz Anzari from “Parks and Recreation”

I swear, this show is like porn to me. I just can’t resist US-born Indian men who smile like muppets. Gets me every time.

Aziz Ansari Actor Aziz Ansari attends the screening of "Parks and Recreation" at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on May 19, 2010 in North Hollywood, California.

Zachary Quinto from “Star Trek”

He can leave the ears on. Spock me like an animal.

Seann William Scott from “American Pie” etc.

I admit, it’s rare I go for blond men, but this one captures my heart.

And it’s kinda convenient to know he already knows how to kiss dudes. One less thing to tick off on the wedding planning list.

Dude, this wedding would seriously lower my degree of separation with Demi Moore!

Jim Sturgess from “Across the Universe” etc.

Combines two of my strong loves: shaggy black hair, and pasty British men with no chin. Win.

That’s it for now kiddos!


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3 Responses to Gratuitous list of people I would marry (in no particular order)

  1. Ron Weems says:

    Too funny!

  2. shakespherical says:

    you break me up. Love this blog!
    You have a broad range here. No blondes though?

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