Dollar Bill Morality

My coworkers are incredibly moral. Of course, one one typically thinks of sunken workplace morals, one normally considers things such as wiretapping, arson, stealing paperclips – you know, the little things everybody’s done. Nobody ever considers learned-it-in-kindergarten morals like “Don’t take things that aren’t yours.”

Specifically, one of my coworkers found a dollar on the floor sometime last week. Free money, right? Not in this case, of course. Our young hero clipped the dollar to his cubicle, with a note, welcoming anybody who might have misplaced their George Washington note to claim it as their own.


Now in most offices, of course, several might have been killed in the ensuing crush. “Out my way snatches! Momma gots a date with a bag of Funyuns!” But my office? Remarkably silent, although the dollar has become a conversation piece. “Whose dollar is this? I dunno? No, I won’t take it, it’s not mine. Somebody else probably needs it more than I do anyway. Well, we’ll just leave it up there a bit longer, see if anybody remembers losing it. If I see it again it’s mine! Haha just kidding. We gotta find out whose dollar that is. No dude, I’m not taking it. You take it.”

Seriously. I love my coworkers. More than Funyuns. We’ve found a group of good ‘uns.


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