My guide to the 50 states Part II: The bottom half

Ok, so Lindsay Lohan has been safely distracted with a ball of tinfoil and I’ve fended off Kirstie Alley with a little white lie about a Chick Fil-A being open on Sunday in spite of corporate policy somewhere in Cerritos, and am now back to peace so I can continue skipping through the bottom 25 states of the union.

26. Nebraska. The license plates here say “Nebraska: The Weird Shit State”. Famous for tacky roadside attractions, such as this local version of Stonehenge:

27. Nevada. Las Vegas.  Let’s face it, nobody gives a shit about the rest of the state. We all know what Las Vegas means (besides Spanish for “Porn Leaflets Available On Sidewalk”): It means booze, gambling, and naked ladies. It’s the site of Britney’s first marriage and Siegfried and Roy’s closet. Little known fact: It was founded by Mormons.

Full of crap like this:

Because of people like this:

Go fig, Nevada.

28. New Hampshire. A lot of really hot rough and tumble granola guys with questionable hygiene, good maple syrup, and noticeable trouble pronouncing the the letter “r”.

29. New Jersey. Paradise. Where I tell people I’m from after Alaska got too embarassing. I mean, what is there to be embarassed about in New Jersey?

Oh, um…


Well shit. I’m just going to have to start telling people I’m from Manitoba.

30. New Mexico: Good green chiles, and wrecked spaceships dot the land. Never go to Albuquerque – do you know how many times Bug Bunny took a wrong turn there and ended up somewhere awful? Like Newark?

31. New York:


32. North Carolina. Where you go to do this:

33. North Dakota: where you go to find this:

34. Ohio. Where you leave awfully disappointed because you didnt’ find this:

35. Oklahoma. Where you leave awfully disappointed because you found this:


36. Oregon. Apparently the dream of the ’90s is alive in Portland. We’re more taken with the good bookstores, delightful street vendors, and pleasant people. And of course:

37. Pennsylvania. Even those crazy Amish aren’t immune to gridlock:

Must be a barn raisin’ or somethin’.

Also – where you can do this:

38. Rhode Island. THE place to be if you’re a 19th Century millionaire looking for a place to summer, or if you have trouble pronouncing your A’s.

39. South Carolina. Where you can do this:

(That is, secede from the Union. And they still won’t let us forget it.)

40. South Dakota. Where you go to look at this:

And nothing else, because that’s all there is.

41. Tennessee: Where you lived if you were this guy:

And your career peaks if you’re this girl:

42. Texas: Where the Official State Religion involves one (or both) of two forms of worship:


Or this:

43. Utah. God Bless Utah!

44. Vermont. Like New Hampshire, but further West. Oh, and more of this!

45. Virginia. Apparently this applies:

But it’s named after somebody who never had sex:

Something’s out of joint here.

46. Washington. Is the shit. That is all.

47. West Virginia. Where you can do this:

48. Wisconsin. Where you can’t go without seeing this:

(Or, apparently, Brett Favre’s penis)

49. Wyoming. Where you can do this:

Ok so my numbering’s off. Either I’ve missed a state (which is inconsequential because if I have, it’s probably because it sucks anyway), or it has something to do with the fact that I’m drunk. Whatever, fuck it. I’m out.


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6 Responses to My guide to the 50 states Part II: The bottom half

  1. soupman450 says:

    new mexico

  2. Sean says:

    You forgot the Aloha state. You work for what again?

  3. Indigo says:

    you have two #10s in first half

    my faves: georgia, idaho, manitoba, and washington!

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