New Year’s Playlist – The Most Infectious of 2010

I know, I know, I’m a sucker for pop music. I went to the Spice Girls Reunion concert for Chrissakes. But I hate myself for it, and I don’t make any attempt to fight back when people make fun of my lame Top 40 taste in music. So I made an iTunes playlist, and the playlist has morphed into this blog for the entertainment (most likely at my expense) of you fine people. This is in no particular order.

Yael Naim – New Soul: Perhaps not ubiquitous to many of you, but it comes up all the damn time on my Pandora Glee Cast Channel, so I thought I’d include it. I like this one. Not really a 2010 selection but it was ubiquitous to me this year, so it’s on the list. Moral of video: Israeli’s know how to party.

You and I – Ingrid Michaelson – Also an old one but this song made my wet myself sometime this year. I’m having it played at my wedding. Special fact: Ingrid’s middle name is Egbert. True story.

Train – Hey, Soul Sister – I’m convinced the only reason this song (which exploded onto the scene this year, and now features in commercials selling everything from soap to cell phones) became such a hit is because I might have drunkenly heard their previous irritatingly ubiquitous single “Meet Virginia” at a high school party and snorted something about the band being a one hit wonder in between shots of Parrot Bay and harassing freshman boys. This is karma. Honorable Mention: Best New Single By Washed-Up ’90s Band of 2010.

Bad Romance – Her Majesty, Lady Gaga. You can’t argue with over 326 million YouTube views. People love this video, and I’ve memorized the choreography, which I successfully performed at a wedding in July. Lemme tell ya, stringing those diamonds from the ceiling was murder on my studded platform boots.

Tik Tok – Ke$ha. This chick pisses me off. But for some reason, I’ve taken to brushing my teeth with whiskey and I absolutely crave a gold chrome plated minibike. Nevertheless, I wish to throttle her for throwing up phony gang signs so much in the damn video.

Alejandro – Her Majesty Lady Gaga Congratulations Lady G, you’ve finally made a video that makes Madonna look like Sesame Street. This video has something for everybody: sacrilege, bondage, domination, S&M, boysex, girlsex, cross-dressing, gangbanging. Ahhhhh. This is what pop culture is coming to.

California Gurls – Katy Perry Feat Snoop Dogg This would have had much more impact to the state’s tourism than Ahnold and Maria sitting on a balcony swilling wine saying “Kahm to Kaleeforneeia”. No, for serious. Apparently the women there are all cheap sluts on an acid trip.

Marry You – Bruno Mars – I’d never heard of this until I saw Glee do it. An obvious rip off of the are-all-the-men-in-Minnesota-really-that-fat  Wedding Dance Video, but charming nonetheless. My wedding list is growing. Be prepared, YouTube.

Dynamite – Taio Cruz The first time I heard this male version of Tik Tok autotune from hell I was in a gay bar, and select gentlemen were singing along with the ay-o’s. It repeated several times, and I noticed something – although the song is catchy, everybody singing it was a douchebag.

Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys this song actually makes me want to go to New York, even though I’m convinced I’ll get mugged. Another one I’d never heard of until Glee did it but now I’m hooked. I hum it while I watch SVU.


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