Sneetches and gay marriage

2010 marks the first year some genius polltaker (I forget exactly who it was. One of those newsmagazines that likes to do all the colored maps) actually found more people in favor of legalization of gay marriage than not. That’s really lightning speed when you consider twenty years ago very few, even among gays and lesbians, even considered marriage an option. The general idea was, “We’re not straight, so why do we need to act straight?”

Well those heady days are over, and the homos are wanting to settle down with their adopted kiddos and finding out that there are a bevy of rights and privileges inherent in marriage that they’d kinda like to have too. And I’m talking about more than just arguing over who has to take whose God-awful surname.

My reasonings might be pseudo-legal, but I’m no legal brain. So don’t trounce me on the nitty gritty unless you want to be horribly abused with some very colorful language in the comments section. It’s a blog, people, not the Harvard Law Review.

Whatever happened to the law as the Great Equalizer? It’s a simple, relatively vital concept: human rights of a minority cannot be entrusted to a majority, because they simply aren’t interested in equality. So the equal rights brouhaha during the ’50s and ’60s might have been a divisive issue for many, but for everybody who got arrested at a lunch counter, there were fifteen others who didn’t give a shit either way. Justice is considered blind for a reason, and in this case, she isn’t. Gender discrimination is court-sanctioned in cases where two of the same gender want to get married. Civil law is a question of recoverability. Has injury occurred, and can the injury be recovered by legal intervention? Opponents of gay marriage try to compassionately argue marriage isn’t required if the relationship already functions like one. But guess what – they still get married.

It’s sort of like that wonderful Dr. Seuss story about the sneetches, where some sneetches had stars and some didn’t, and this wonderful machine came along that gave everybody stars and the sneetches realized they were all the same, with or without the stars – this is what scares the shit out of opponents of gay marriage. Once the homos are allowed to get married, we’ll pretty much take away the last thing that makes them feel superior.


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