Whoa, Palin girls, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

So I had a chance to read the facebook comment string profanity and homophobic slur-ridden rant by the Sisters Palin, and I couldn’t help but keep score:

Bristol: Shit 3 / Baby Daddy 1 (which is far too many) / claims the Dancing With The Stars election was rigged, 1 (ok, so I just had to throw that in there – although knowing how to rig an election against an African American may one day be handy knowledge for the Palin Camp).

Willow: Shit 6 / F-bombs (not including times where she abbreviates it or hides it in an acronym) 1 / Faggot 1 / Mistaking “your” for “you’re” 3

Meanwhile the Mama Grizzly herself tweets: “I’m so excited about my new book!” Let’s just hope she uses better vocabulary and grammar than her daughters.

I can’t help but wonder how the Palin Publicity Parade will tapdance around this one. Will she stake the kids out to be slaughtered, or will she resort to her famous hypocrisy by pleading with the “lamestream media” (like her employer, Fox News) to leave her family alone? It would have worked if you didn’t flee your job governing the State of Alaska so you could do more important things, like star in a reality show about it.

So, what’s the real message? “Watch my family on TV, but don’t have an opinion about them because I deserve my privacy?”

I’m also dying to hear (although we probably won’t because the privacy clause will likely be invoked) what sort of backlash the kids get from Mom. Is this the way they were raised to speak to people? Where did we learn such words? Of course it gets tossed around all the time at Wasilla area high schools, but where are the other influences? Have Sarah or Todd ever uttered such words? Maybe they heard them at church, although, perhaps it’s only appropriate to use when we’re discussing homosexuals that haven’t successfully been “cured” at said fine establishment of religion.

The takeaway: The apple doesn’t likely fall very far from the tree. If anything, the Palin kidlets are probably just a shadow of what really comes out of the Leader of the Pack’s mouth as soon as the camera is turned off.


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