Topping with abandon in South Lake Union

I woke up early in Seattle this morning and texted Kelly, who had expressed preemptive desire to have breakfast before we parted ways the previous night (For those of you who thought my title was about wanton sluttiness, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves).

We went to Portage Bay Cafe, which despite my initial apprehension over the cost, long bus ride from where I was shacked up in Chinatown, and wait for a table, it turned out to be fabulous. I’m big on sustainability, especially with food, since so much of what we eat in this country not only makes us fat, it makes our landfills and other waste receptacles fat with horrid byproduct.

While the free range scrambled eggs, organic red skin potatoes and free range chicken sausage were awesome, the real star was the challah french toast with unlimited toppings from the Topping Bar. This is pure heaven: a large table full of fresh fruit and other fixings for pancakes, waffles, french toast, and other sweet or savory “customizables”.

Here’s my own culinary creation:

It also hit me that this would never have happened in Dallas. Not only does the city seem to have an obsession with “rib sticking” (and not necessarily sustainable) food, there would never be a wait for a table at 9AM on a Sunday (church is somewhat more popular in Texas than Seattle).

I must return. This place was awesome.


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