Somebody in Capitol Hill is PISSED

So I’m in Seattle, and I had just bade farewell to my lovely friend Kelly when I saw this photo posted on two successive lampposts outside her Capitol Hill apartment:

For the record, the sign actually says “poop” instead of “poo”, so, dear reader, you’re welcome to choose whichever vernacular you think is funnier.

However there are several things to consider:

1. How shitfaced do you have to be to let somebody take your picture on the toilet?

2. You can’t wait until you’re done pinching a loaf before you blaze up a cig?

3. Note the sheer artistry of the photocopying and added text. Even if the jilted photographer had a full time job at Kinko’s, do we not live in an age where this kind of thing goes on Twitter or Facebook?

4. Whatever this poor pooping, smoking creature must have done for the photographer to make fucking COPIES of this photo and put them up on random Seattle lampposts must have been awful, and as an act of pure benevolence to the wronged photog, it is my duty to share the wrong using technology somewhat newer than a Xerox machine.

And so, pooping, smoking girl, the wrath of your shutterbug goes viral and people in China are now watching your drunk ass take a dump.


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